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Best food place in gillingham

Kurt, 26 Feb 2021

I ordered food little of an hour ago, I ordered a half pounder with no salad and cheese with hash browns and cheesy chips but the chips had no cheese on them at all

Connor, 12 Feb 2021

Ordered online from their website and was left waiting for over an hour and in the end still did not get the food. This place is usually very good and the food is great but I called several times and they did not answer so I was left waiting hungry for over an hour. Definitely need my money back or will try again sometime later.

Syed, 09 Feb 2021

Good food not bad on price my go to place

Rob, 09 Feb 2021

my food was discussing i didn’t even get everything i asked for. but i didn’t bother calling back bc it was early hours in the morning. but it was but it was not nice at all. wasted my money on shit

Emma, 22 Jan 2021

kebab chicken is so grease and order with pita and I got very tiny pita try to digging in if I can see pita bread

Chris, 18 Jan 2021

Delivery is too slow

Ali, 03 Jan 2021

Delivery is way too slow. Takes an hour to get you food even if it’s a small order.

Ali, 25 Dec 2020

Very nice food.

Kalivati, 11 Dec 2020


Jennifer, 08 Dec 2020


Jennifer, 08 Dec 2020

Its was cold kebab hmm

Arpad, 01 Dec 2020

Food is lovely, lots of options which is different to other kebab shops. Good prices and food portions are worth the money.

Amynicole Henry, 13 Nov 2020

What are the points for

Ray, 27 Oct 2020

Food didnt arrive ordered elsewhere

Victoria, 25 Oct 2020

I did not get all the food order and it’s impossible to contact you!!

Mark Parrish, 22 Oct 2020

Fresh and Delicious Chicken. Super friendly customer service.

Raff, 07 Oct 2020

I was 60p short and driver let me off, top man, make up for it next time tho!

Peter, 05 Oct 2020

I placed an order on their website and they didnt accept it but i had paid for it. So i called them up and the guy who answered said i need to place my order again i told him i paid for it already he raised his voice and just hung up on me. Disgraceful and disgusting attitude.

Mohammad, 30 Sep 2020


Jennifer, 28 Aug 2020


Jennifer, 28 Aug 2020


Jennifer, 28 Aug 2020


Lovely fresh and crisp salad. My son loves their burgers.

Jennifer, 28 Aug 2020


Shannon, 27 Jun 2020


Sarah, 17 Apr 2020